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Here’s what makes Chevrolet an ideal car brand

Whether you are buying a new car or have your eyes on a used car for sale in Winston Salem NC, it is imperative you select the right vehicle and brand. You can opt for any Chevy model if you’re in a bind. We are not saying this only because we are a used car dealer for this brand, but these are just a few of the reasons why you should buy a Chevrolet.

An excellent reputation:

Chevrolet has been in the limelight before. Chevy’s focus on excellence has a lot to do with its longevity, else the company wouldn’t make quality vehicles with the same dedication to excellence it achieved a century ago. Even with a pre-owned model, the quality is uncompromised at our used car dealership in Winston Salem NC.


The J.D. Power Award has been won more often by Chevrolet. The brand won more power awards in 2013 than any other. It is the quality offered by this brand that has made it get recognition.

Keep you safe –

The NHTSA awarded Chevrolet the highest overall safety score of any brand for seven of its 2014 models. For those who want forward collision warning and lane departure warning as well as advanced airbag systems, Chevrolet is the right choice. All the pre-owned cars at our used car dealerships in Winston Salem NC offer the same safety.

A car for everyone

Whatever your needs, Chevrolet’s line-up offers something to fit your needs, from middle-sized sedans to compacts to pickup trucks to sporty crossovers. You can explore our collection of used cars. All the models of this brand would be lined up for you. It is our trust in this brand and our services that we are one of the best and most reliable used car dealerships in Winston Salem NC.

Although this list isn’t comprehensive, each of these reasons makes sense for buying a Chevrolet. All these points make it an ideal car brand and its quality stays the same, even if you buy a used car for sale. Chevy vehicles, whether new or pre-owned, have maintained their charm and quality over the years. The benefits of Chevrolets can be experienced at a price that you can afford by purchasing a pre-owned one, provided you choose our used car dealerships in Winston Salem NC. Check out our inventory and find the perfect pre-owned car for you.